CIE Celebrating 10 years with a Deep Tech Showcase

June 11, 2018 Digital For You 0

IIITH Campus, Hyderabad :  An academic institution that has always supported and encouraged innovations, IIIT-H went a step further when in 2008 it opened up a Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE). The idea was to formally support startups with the end goal of commercializing […]

Choosing My Paths to Success

April 21, 2018 Digital For You 0

Written By Vidya Kabra My journey so far has been very interesting, taking me from a traditional Rajasthani family — where I struggled to convince my elders to let me pursue my engineering studies — to key roles at to leading organizations like Toshiba, Wipro, Fiserv, […]

Change is the Only Constant

April 19, 2018 Digital For You 0

Written By Merlyn Mathew As I look back on an almost two-decade journey in the IT industry, the only constant has been change. I have thrived by taking up a variety of roles at different points in my career. Currently, I am Global Lead for […]