Web Werks Offers High-speed Content Delivery Network

MUMBAI, March 19, 2018  :  Web Werks CDN services empowers users to accelerate online client applications, curtail transactions drop and stay up to date with their quickly developing client base

Web Werks, the best web hosting provider in India offers a few upgrades to their Content Delivery Network (CDN) services delineated to enhance website performance and responsiveness while bringing down bandwidth cost. The CDN services increase the amount of content conveyed directly from high-speed cache, henceforth improving website guests’ involvement while decreasing the load on website proprietors’ servers.

Web Werks CDN provides static, dynamic and client-side caching, alongside an API that empowers organizations to control their caching approaches. Static content caching is utilized to store constant content, for example, HTML documents, pictures or JavaScript assets. Dynamic content caching is utilized to store powerfully produced site assets that do change after some time. Client-side caching stores more content as could be expected on the visitor’s browser or mobile device for instant stacking. Together, these components augment cacheable content, quicken content delivery, accomplish higher asset precision, and bring the most frequently accessed content straightforwardly from physical memory.

“Our customers are progressively searching for approaches to enhance website performance while diminishing server load and our CDN services gives a chance to noteworthy execution changes,” said Suhaib Logde, Asst. VP of Web Werks. “Our CDN provides clients with more control over their website traffic and enables them to move more of their delivery logic to the edge where it belongs,” he added.

Pros of Web Werks CDN :

  • Speed : Distributed data centers and caching, both drastically lower network latency and the website’s load time, particularly if one has a good amount of content.
  • Enhanced UX/UI : Faster webpage speeds and simultaneous asset downloads, to improve the user experience.
  • Higher Traffic Capacity : CDNs raise what’s called ‘network backbone capacity’ by sharing activity among numerous servers enabling websites to deal with surges and spikes.
  • Geology : By obliging users outside the locale of a focal server, CDNs are particularly vital for websites with diverse crowds.
  • Expanded Security and Reliability : Lastly, CDNs avert site crashes amid traffic surges by disseminating bandwidth between servers. What’s more, since duplicates of the content are put away in different areas, customers have expanded insurance from Trojan assaults. Thus, CDNs enhance the general capacity of mission-critical websites.

About Web Werks :

Web Werks Data Centers have been leaders in India for the past two decades and are located in three countries with more than six geographically located data centers. Offering reliable hosting services on dedicated servers, cloud, virtualization, co-location and disaster recovery services along with 24×7 rapid action support and 99.995% uptime guarantee.

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