50/50 Day : Celebrating Gender Equality

Participate in the second annual 50/50 Day on April 26, 2018! This global initiative promotes a gender balanced world where everyone’s voice is heard in all aspects of society. Thousands of people and organizations, will participate in 50/50 Day through various means. Here are some ways you can join the movement.

The second annual 50/50 Day on April 26, 2018, and the greater #GettingTo5050 Movement. There are already over 32,000 events signed up in companies, schools, classrooms, museums, and homes around the globe to work toward getting to a more gender-balanced world that’s better for everyone across all parts of society, from the economy and politics to culture and home. Whether you are hosting a big event or participating as an individual, make sure to sign up to engage with our short films, action pledges, discussion materials, and a full day of live-streamed programming featuring speakers, live events, and more. Everything is free.

How 50/50 Day works :

Check out our Toolkits for K-12, Universities, Corporations, and Ambassadors. We provide the resources and you create your own 50/50 Day event (any size, anywhere, and anytime of day). Still want to participate but don’t have time to create an event? No problem! Sign up and watch our films and speakers from the comfort of your own home or cubicle. If you have signed up and haven’t received more information, email makenzie@letitripple.org.

On April 26, 2018, thousands of groups and individuals around the globe will :

1. Watch films. We provide several options for film screenings, including the flagship film that started this movement, 50/50: Rethinking the Past, Present, and Future of Women + Power (20 mins), a new 5 minute film that will premiere on 50/50 Day, as well as curated films and materials from partners.

2. Commit to Action Pledges. These pledges will be announced in advance of 50/50 Day, and events will use the day as an opportunity to discuss how they will meet that pledge. Individuals are also encouraged to pledge on their own.

3. Watch all-day programming featuring an amazing lineup of speakers, events, and conversations around the globe. We urge people to join this livestream on Facebook for the most optimal experience. You may also view on our site if you do not have access to social media. Incorporate this programming as part of your event or tap into the conversation at your desk during your lunch break! Click here to watch last year’s 25 prominent leaders talking about getting to gender equity from different perspectives.

4. Engage with free discussion materials. We offer online discussion questions for all ages (7+).

5. Join hundreds of 50/50 Day Ambassadors around the globe who are passionate about making this change. Join the Facebook group for a dynamic conversation, to share your resources, learn how to make the most of your 50/50 Day event, and to meet fellow thought leaders around the world.

For more details on 50/50 day visit :  http://www.letitripple.org/

Source : letitripple.org & Anitab.org

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