All Homes Will Have a Humanoid Robot to Take Care of us and Help us With Domestic Chores, Predicts TAITRA

Left to right, Gabriel Chao, Business Development Director, iXensor; Shih-Jie Lin, European Operation Manager, BotPartner; Frank Lin, Vice Chairman, SECOM; Rosa Liu, Senior Account Manager, IEI Group; Jackey Wang, Venture Partner; Alfredo Shu Chih-Hong, Economic Affairs Taipei; Shih-Chung Liu, Vice Chairman TAITRA; Tina Tsai, Global Marketing Director D-Link; Brook Lai, Show Manager TAITRA; Maggie Chao, Manager ITRI; Paul Stevens, NCG Marketing Director. (PRNewsfoto/Taitra)
  • Major Taiwanese companies such as D-Link, iEi, Advantech, SECOM and Botpartner present Taiwan Excellence award-winning products at the Mobile World Congress.
  • Two robots introduced: AfoBot and Robelf demonstrating the extent of android intelligence and assistance.
  • IoT and new 5G networks dominate products awarded at 2018 Taiwan Excellence awards.

BARCELONA, Spain :  All homes will have a humanoid robot to take care of us and help us with domestic chores. This has been one of the projections made today during the presentation of the products awarded with the Taiwan Excellence Awards, organized by Taitra (Taiwan External Trade Development Council), at the Mobile World Congress 2018. “We position ourselves as an ‘Accelerator +’, helping to optimize the startup ecosystem in Taiwan, and connect startups to global venture capital opportunities,” said Mr. Shih-Chung Liu, Vice Chairman of Taitra.

During the event, Taiwanese companies like ADVANTECH, SECOM and D-Link demonstrated new technologies largely oriented toward IoT and security. New scenarios were revealed during the presentation, alongside creative technological solutions in a world increasingly connected by objects such as electrical appliances, medical and comfort devices for the home. Here is a summary of the highlights

ADVANTECH: “The IoT will need more efficient and faster virtual networks.”

AI will lead to an increase in bandwidth usage and therefore a much more efficient infrastructure in the transmission of data is required. “We are on the threshold of the 5G era as a foundation for IoT” Paul Stevens said.

D-Link: “Smart homes should be safe, and the gateway is always the router.”

D-Link is developing smarter routers such as the new AC2600 Wi-Fi Router presented during MWC18. This router incorporates a McAfee technology security solution, which allows all home devices to be automatically protected by SHP.

SECOM: “We will control all household appliances through a single mobile application.”

SECOM presented security solutions for different areas of industry and society, such as technologies for cloud-based home health, parking management in cities, Big Data analysis, surveillance by drones and disaster prevention.

IEI Group: “Every senior citizen will have a robot at home to monitor their health.”

IEI Group presented health care and monitoring solutions for homes and hospitals. By connecting medical devices that deliver real time data, IEI Group’s solutions allow for nursing care, telemedicine and services during surgeries.

BotPartner: “Conversations between customers and companies will be intelligent.”

BotPartner is a leading company in the development of bots for sales, customer service and data collection. They presented their solution for intelligent sales and customer service through intelligent machines (chatbots).

iXensor: “Health monitoring in real time is key to preventing diseases.”

iXensor has developed a device that read, digitize and synchronize patient data in the cloud e.g. glucose levels, and hence extract trends and graphics that make it possible to motorize and diagnose diseases.

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