Being confident during your job search. Stay focused on the process not the out come

By S. Jagan Reddy, Co-founder –

Out come is the result of the process, loosing focus on the process will result in undesired out come. Often we see number of job seekers worrying about the outcome of the process rather than staying focussed on the process.  Those who understand this will be successful comparatively to those who don’t.

I come across a situation where a person who is got more than 10 years of experience is calling me and asking for a job, so nothing wrong in that, at the end of the conversation he mentioned that he is willing to pay if I get him a job and even he is ready to pay to the company who offers him a job. I refused to neither of them and hung up the phone. But I was not peaceful after the call as the conversation with that potential job seeker revolves around me like a Wi-Fi.

Wandering in the lush green park wondering what prompted him to throw such a thought on to me. Was it “desperation to land in a job” or “lack of confidence in attending an interview” or “very few opportunities for his skill sets”.

The disturbance which occupied my mind after the telephonic call slowly started to calm down, after a bit of relaxation decided to decode to analyse and evaluate the all of the above scenarios.

Desperation to land in a job :

Each one of us at some point of time must have faced this situation to land in a job desperately due to socio economic and cultural factors. Being desperate to land in a job doesn’t help at all. Need to follow the process and stay focussed on the process. While following the process don’t deviate from your core motive of landing in a job. Deviation and desperation doesn’t give you desired outcome. Be confident during the process, being confident gives you 50% of your desired success and other 50% lies in your communication, knowledge , leadership  abilities, your interpersonal skills and your attitude.

So yes the part of the conversation I look at it is that he is desperate to find a job since he told me that he is got a family to take care, but mind you that desperation doesn’t help us at all unless we follow and focus on the process.

Lack of confidence in attending an interview :

Lack of confidence in attending an interview may be one of the reasons to look at, since there is a reason to lose the confidence when you are desperate in looking for a job. Your confidence has been override by the desperation. However confident you are, if a creeper of desperation creeps in, the sword of confidence will be surrounded by it. So it’s imperative to keep your confidence at all time high when you are desperate for a job for the interviewer to see your confidence than the desperation.

In my conversation with the job seeker he is very confident, well experienced and got vast skill sets in his domain. But the desperation has override the confidence, that’s why he happen to talk and provide me those offers to me.

Very few opportunities for the skill sets :

No, that’s not the reason, since there are so many opportunities for his skill sets and experience. So , the reason for his offer is lack of confidence even though he is got experience and skill sets. Stay confident during your job search by focusing  on the process, not the out come.

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