Curriculum Vitae (CV) vs Resume vs Biodata

By S.Jagan Reddy –

Throughout our career we come across the words curriculum vitae, resume and biodata. What does these  words mean , often people get confused among these words and where to use them, we will see the definition of each of these words and their appropriate usage.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) :

The name itself suggests that we are going to talk something about the curriculum which we learnt in our college days. After we completed our graduation and when we are looking out for a job we need to present facts about what we learnt in an appropriate and professional way to tell others and to explain what we learnt in the form of a document. Majority of our explanation in the document will be of what we learnt as a curriculum and how good and best we are in that. In a nutshell you will be talking about the subjects you learnt and the depth of the subjects of your learning and exercises you have undergone and practiced to get well versed with the subject and also you will be talking about the projects you have executed in that particular subject.

So this explains that we are putting the facts and figures of what we learnt during our college days from the curriculum in the form of document in an organised way. That’s why this document is called as curriculum vitae and this word  should be used as a header by the people who are applying for jobs as freshers.

Resume :

Here the name itself suggests that you are resuming from your short break or from one company to another. Hence the header resume on the document.

Here you will be mentioning and explaining about what you learnt in your current company in a document along with the details you already incorporated in your document when you prepared your curriculum vitae. So the brief details of your curriculum vitae and a detailed explanation of your experience and exposure of your learnings from the current company which also defines the tasks you handled and the solutions you provided and also the challenges you overcome and your contribution to the growth of the company.

Biodata :

The name suggests that we are going to talk about our personal details in depth, this includes our personal interests, our personal visits, our personal hobbies and everything related to the personal stuff

For example we need to talk more about ourselves like  height, weight, colour, hobbies and profession when we are preparing a document to share it for a marriage proposal. This is where we use the word biodata as a heading on the document.

Hope this helps and clear your doubt on when to use and where to use the above mentioned words.

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