HR Time Vs My Time

By S. Jagan Reddy, Co-founder –

Some times we will get immediate call from HR, and we are busy with some other work. So we will face HR Time Vs My Time…  yes many of us face this regularly during the process of job search interviews. It’s not only HR time or My time is important, all of our time is very very important. Just read this article for interesting  facts about HR Time Vs My time.

HR :  Can you come down for face to face interview tomorrow?

Me :  It will be really hard to take leave on such a short notice

HR :  We are closing the position and tomorrow is the last day, we have already shortlisted your profile and it will not take more than 2 hours for the whole process

Me :  (After Confirming with the manager to take half-day off). Ok, I will come on time, and as I am taking a half-day off, I really want you to keep this on schedule.

HR :  Absolutely, as I said, won’t take more than 2 hours for everything

NEXT DAY – I waited for 2.5 hours on reception and then it was a general aptitude test (I figured out that the interviewer was busy in other meetings) just to fill the time. And then the HR asked me that I will need to come down tomorrow again.

Question to all – only the time of interviewer is important not the interviewee? was that a miscommunication from HR or unscheduled interviewee?

I don’t think it happened to me only, have you faced such incident…?

Yes many of us face this regularly during the process of job search interviews. It’s not only HR time or my time is important, all of our time is very very important.

Companies and HR’s must avoid such situations to save everybody’s time and money. Because the HR has to redo the same process if in case the job seeker has to attend the interview the next day or some other time. That way even the companies are also losing their time in rescheduling the interview and follow up with the job seeker again to make them attend the interview.

When the HR spends more time than the required time to schedule an interview with the job seeker then obviously the productivity of the HR and the company is coming down and the cost to the company goes up which is not good for anybody.

Apart from the wastage of time and money the company also loses its reputation and brand value in the market and the potential job seekers might avoid joining the company. Building the reputation and the brand value takes ages but to lose it due to such small mismanagement of time is not welcome.

That’s the reason why HR plays a crucial role in monitoring the harmony of the company, establishing the core values and building brand awareness among its competitors which directly contributes to the bottom line of the company revenues. Even some times share value of the company goes down drastically due to these mistakes.

How to manage this situation effectively :

I feel that the communication is vital part of any organization and it might make or break a company.

Job seeker’s time is also as important as HR’s and companies. Please update your job seeker well in advance on the schedule of the interview and convey the same to the interviewer and be in touch with both of them regularly and ensure that the job seeker is pleased the way you handle the situation professionally and this give the HR an open opportunity to source better professionals and can contribute to the quick growth of the company. It will also make HR job easier if in case the HR need to call the job seeker for the subsequent rounds.

The job seeker should understand that if the interview is not happening on time; give the HR a breathing time since the role of a HR is not an easy task. At the max wait for 30 minutes, since some times the interviews might take more time and might overlap with your schedule (nothing is perfect in this world and everything doesn’t happen on time) so it’s our responsibility to understand this situation and if it’s past half an hour try to convey the HR in a polite way that you are leaving the place due to over delay of this schedule and leave the place and convey that you are open for telephonic rounds.

Don’t keep waiting for hours together wasting your time and showing the HR as if that you are desperate for a job. That makes you the least contender for the job!!

If we plan this effectively and manage the time period appropriately then the whole process will be smooth and great, which gives better results for all of us.

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