JungleWorks Open-sources the Internal Analytics Tools ‘AllSpark’

NEW DELHI :  Today’s analytics and data needs are diverse which are unique to each business. To cater the diversity, JungleWorks, an all-in-one operating system for on-demand businesses has open-sourced ‘AllSpark’, a product that serves every business at varying degrees of data requirements.

AllSpark is a data analytics tool that provides various data visualizations from quick-bites to live numbers and detailed graphs, marketing funnels to cohorts and tabular reports for the product people to top level management. AllSpark is a one-stop shop to query all the data sources, from right inside the device browser. One can easily convert the data into rich visualizations and gather them into a dashboard. Using AllSpark, one can delve deep into key performance metrics. This tool provides precise information of what happens inside the company/product and helps one stay up to date on all happenings in the day-to-day operations. The code is now available for the users at github.com/Jungle-Works/allspark.

AllSpark has evolved over time to what it is today with multiple iterations. It started off as a highly customised analytics platform specific to Jugnoo but the team iterated over it until it was generalized. Now, it can be used by anyone with a MySQL database and soon BigQuery as well. We are open sourcing the entire product stack, including the client and server side code. The idea behind open sourcing this product is to help people and businesses across all industries to understand data and take their business forward, said Samar Singla, founder JungleWorks.

JungleWorks has a range of products for people and organizations to provide absolute control with easy integration of various software and hence bringing efficiency in the business processes. The products integrated on Jungleworks’ platform are Tookan (Tracker), Fugu (Team communication), Yelo (Online storefront), Kato (BI Dashboard), Hippo (Chat Support), Flightmap (Smart Route Planner) and Bulbul (Intelligent sales dashboard). All these products are packaged together to make a coherent operating system which would help a business from start to end, assisting at different operational stages. Any business can acquire different or all products on this platform to ensure smooth operations and work collaboratively with its customers.

About JungleWorks :
JungleWorks  is a SaaS technology service provider catering to entrepreneurs and SMBs to maximize mobile ROI. It is one of the prominent players in on-demand economy space, providing iOS and Android-based applications on SaaS platforms. With 300 clients that handle more than 1 million transactions a day, JungleWorks is providing solutions for customised software development.

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