My Start-up Learnings

Nadh Thota – Head, Sales & Marketing (India & ME) at Synaptics Incorporated

I am really fortunate to chase my dreams multiple times. Co-founded few Start-up ventures in London (UK) & India during my journey so far. Yes, it was my dream run! My journey was quite exciting filled with pace, fun and memorable landmarks .Besides, my acute study on numerous start ups in India & London has resulted good learning, which is the genesis of this post.

Snippets :

  • Business is team sport, alone can’t run for long and for big
  • Companies with better network connects score better and can win better
  • ‘Fool-proof Execution’ is always more important than ‘Path breaking, brillant idea’
  • Scale up is a puzzle, demands dedicated focus and efforts
  • Finance and legal are tough nuts, require expert hand-shake
  • Local legislation is a MUST to follow
  • Reference is key to faster deal closure
  • Focus, focus, focus: for core-competency and competitive edge
  • Cash is king. Cash on hand always has strategic advantage
  • Survival is acid test for initial 2 years
  • Aviod unnecessary cash burn, especially initial stages for longer survival
  • Cash flow is life-blood. Multiple sources of cash flow is key for longer run survival
  • Core competency is never constant, always on move. Can’t remain stagnant on the initial core for long
  • Differentiation is real key for better valuation and margins
  • Power of action – always pays back. We can’t learn swimming without dive in water!
  • People – real strategic asset. Companies with better teams will have better chance of winning
  • Size matters – Companies with better size, resources score over others
  • Boot-strap model works better for longer survival and control
  • Associate with brands for better market positioning and valuation
  • Keep going… determination and positivity amazingly work!
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