Over 1 Lakh Students From Across 63 Countries Participate in TCS CodeVita Season VI

DA-IICT emerge as global champion in the battle of codes

  • TCS CodeVita is one of the largest coding contests in the world
  • TCS CodeVita season VI had more than 1,00,000 participants from 63 countries, battling for the Top 3 prizes amounting to USD 20,000 
  • The Grand Finale that unfolded in the Think Campus facility of TCS in Bengaluru witnessed top 40 contestants from 10 countries competing for the Top 3 places

BANGALORE  :  Tata Consultancy Services, a leading IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, announced that over 1,00,000 students from across the world competed in the sixth edition of their international programming challenge for students, TCS CodeVita.

Yash Kumar from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology (DA-IICT), Gujarat, Changyu Zhu from University of Southern California and Ondrej Hubsch from Charles University, Czech Republic, won the top three spots respectively in the TCS CodeVita Grand Finale, held at Think Campus in Bangalore.

TCS CodeVita is the flagship coding contest organized by TCS which attracts coding enthusiasts from across the globe. This contest, which was launched by TCS in 2012 to promote programming-as-a-sport, not only helps to trigger the passion for coding among students but also acts as a platform to spot bright and talented programmers.

K Ananth Krishnan, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, TCS, said, “The industry is changing at a fast pace and the talent required is also multi-faceted. Gamified contests such as CodeVita provide a simulated platform to identify, engage, and inspire the brightest minds other than adding a fun element to the recruitment process. Through TCS CodeVita, we aim to motivate students to enjoy programming rather than view it as a mere technical function performed by engineers.” He further added, “The traditional talent engagement processes may not be able to capture the multiple dimensions of skillset that a candidate has. Contests like these help us capture real abilities such as innovation and creativity.”

Competitive programmers from across the globe, participate in CodeVita to showcase their coding talent, compete for the top spot for the prize money of USD 20,000 (1st place USD 10,000, 2nd place USD 7,000 and 3rd place USD 3,000). CodeVita Season VI had 7 regional/ zonal rounds, catering to the academic calendars of different countries to enable better participation.

Season VI was further more special as CodeVita saw 10 new countries enter the arena. The format too saw changes with individual participation this time, unlike previous seasons, which were team contests, making the fight much tougher and a lot more exciting.

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