The latest #TheFloorIsLava Challenge Sees the Rise of LIKE App

 #TheFloorIsLava challenge became a hit on social media

Social video trends change all the time, and now social video platforms that are springing up globally have more variety than ever than before. LIKE App, a magic land where 90% of its 40 million residents are Gen Z, has shown its irresistible growth in the world.

Recently, the classic #TheFloorIsLava game went viral on social media after its first presence in 2017. While this time the “lava” is more than just imagination, creators on LIKE App can apply the “Burning City” magic sticker in their video and make the floor in their video looks like real “lava” , which is making the trend even fun and immersive. Within a month, there have been over 12,000 videos created in LIKE App and shared to other social platforms and helped this go viral.

Launched just six months ago, LIKE App has become a social media phenomenon. It has attracted over 40 million users and has been awarded 3 prizes at the Google Play Awards 2017 and once topped the Apple Store in 2018. Now, hundreds of thousands of ingenious and enthusiastic young users who are broadcasting their acting talent and creating a large number of appealing videos, and challenges are springing up on LIKE.

In this social media world dominated by Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, becoming a social media darling all comes with struggles. LIKE App broke out of the box and established itself as a brand-new and massively influential social video platform, it greatly enriches people’s sociality to a significant extent that it is starting a content revolution by empowering normal users with creative magic effects and access to start personalized challenges.

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