Intel at 50 : Bunny Suits

May 29, 2018 Digital For You 0

When Intel was founded in 1968, standard clean room practices were lax. Facilities were kept reasonably clean, but employees wore their own clothes and the environment was not sterile. An early technician remembered “a couple of people in Fab 1 [in Santa Clara] got read […]

The Indian Mobile Congress 1K APP Challenge

May 27, 2018 Digital For You 0

About APPrize :  APPrize is the IMC (Indian Mobile Congress) 1k Apps Challenge which is aimed at identifying the top 50 App-based solutions for the 5 identified themes and 20 problem statements. The top 1000 apps that are selected for this Challenge will be launched at […]

How is Artificial Intelligence Changing Science?

May 25, 2018 Digital For You 0

Intel’s Gadi Singer believes his most important challenge is his latest: using artificial intelligence (AI) to reshape scientific exploration. In a Q&A timed with the first Intel AI DevCon event, the Intel vice president and architecture general manager for its Artificial Intelligence Products Group discussed his […]